Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Last Post about Wales...DANG! Been in the states for a bit now...

a bright sunny day...what a way to leave Swansea. this is how I will remember you: crisp beach of blue, pleasant goodbyes, a welcoming staff who assisted me with storing my baggage while I did some last minute 3 boarding passes printed, the other 3 require you to pay for an online check in, and that's not going to happen! I'll just have to do it at the airport(s).

I'll miss you Swansea! The University, student village, St. Pauls, Tesco, 99p Store, British Heart Foundation, Swansea Market, H & M, Primark, The Carvery, surf and choir societies...maybe even 'Wine/Wind' Street! Lol.

Allison saw me off at the bus stop. she said try not to kill yourself with self reflection...we all know that is an impossibility.
in fact that's how I am going to organize this post. to be fair, that's probably all that is going to happen on this trip, due to me being myself and also the fact i am in foreign countries, prime cognitive dissonance is likely to occur...COOL but scary a bit! Not going to have English all the time, but I printed off some words in Spanish and Italian. *gulp Should have done French for Geneva.. I think?

I don't even know what is spoken in Geneva...probably everything right? #whatevz #it'llworkout

Hope I make it everywhere in one piece! ;)

self reflection 1:
my train got rerouted due to an on-track accident/fatality. I'm glad in going up to London a day earlier, because the family in front of me are going to be late for something. they were semi mad..But, um, you're alive! I hope I learn a lot about myself during this short trek. scary how short this, THIS being life, is!

self reflection 2: I may need to watch a show tonight. cheap last minute ticket, any show will do, it would be divine! i do need to get some rest how-eva,  so prolly not...but to be in London without west end is practically like buying a cake and letting it sit there...REALLY want to watch Wicked again, but obviously anything will do. #obsessed #it'saproblem

Maybe... ...we shall see depending on my funds after crossing Europe, I could watch it again!

Jan 1-4 are my THEATRE DAYS! ;) YEAH!

self reflection 3: I check my luggage every ten seconds. wish it was in front of me, lol, the guy behind me prolly thinks I'm a creeper. Not going to miss trains,   though I get the least motion sick on them...idk, I just don't like that you can't space out because you might miss your stop...with planes, that is less likely, maybe impossible!

self reflection 4: the awkward moment you become jealous of the 6 year old playing the legend of Zelda...which you know only by the sound of one of the plants getting slashed in game... #imissmymom #imissvideogames #teengirlsquad

self reflection 5: way over-prepared for my flight. I am now just waiting to board...for 3 hours! appearing at Ryan air and saying, hey, are there any seats on the 2 Dublin flights leaving before mine?

'...thay arrra fool...'

perhaps I should of went to the perspective gates, but I need to learn patience right?

yeah. lol, waiting it is!
probably going to be way early to all my flights just in case, but maybe not 5 hours...3 is better!

self reflection 6: traveling on your own makes you tired...and I have barely started! the hostel party in my room was not conducive to sleeping, but I met some fun characters! I crammed so much crap into one of the large biggest fear is it is going to bust open and distribute its contents to other hostel guests whilst I'm away...ugh, I serially-seriously hope that all that works out, I'm paying 3 pounds every 24 coins...upon my return to retrieve all my luggage. Which pretty much means I'm going to have to get 45 pounds worth of coins to release my stuff! I sort of like how it is an electric lock versus a padlock, this way None can meddle with it! #notmuchicandonow
I mean technically someone could be breaking in right now, but PROLLY not! #worrywart

(the staff at this hostel are pretty much my least favorite out of the places I have stayed so far...when in London, I expected proper English...but in all the other countries, I didn't expect it but I got it! #Ironic)

self reflection 7: hope that God talks to me on this trip...not like  through the conscience, but actually. I just want him/her/it to not harm anyone I care about in an effort to speak or get my attention, but it's a tricky business or not really one at all. not done hoping.

self reflection 8: if I can do this, I can do anything. I'm a'gunna make it! I'm 20 years old by gosh! #peptalk

self reflection 9: I like people, but getting away puts in perspective which ones exactly. Its okay to like some more than others, as long as you value everyone on the 123 system: 1, A person is a person. 2, Differences are positive, I'm positive of this. 3, Treat people the way they NEED to be treated. Saying you want to treat them as you would like to be treated is wrong because we all are unique. Perhaps what you want is not what I want, but what you want doesn't effect anyone else's

I have done lots of observing upon my arrival, and it's making me think on my own behaviors, including how I have started using my innocent appearance to my advantage. Haha, sometimes I wish that I was a more traditional tall/dark/handsome guy, but medium/translucent/cute-ish guy can suffice because, well, it has too. Lol. Acceptance of self, a possibility I didn't know I could achieve. Don't get any ideas people, I'm still swimming with a shirt on! ;) but progress of any kind is still progress!

self reflection 10: reading Romans, not just because I'm going to Rome! I like it a lot more than the old testament books which make me angry! read what I'm reading, it sort of makes sense...almost. This was recommended to me by Mel. To be honest I have done very little biblical/spiritual things over here. Despite that, I still dwell on it practically daily, sometimes multiple times a day. Excerpt of passage here:

When Adam sinned, sin entered the world (sucks that we all didn't get the choice to sin/or not...maybe we do, but it doesn't matter because humans can't help it). Adam’s sin brought death, so death spread to everyone, for everyone sinned.  Yes, people sinned even before the law was given. But it was not counted as sin because there was not yet any law to break (yeah, that sort of makes no sense because it sort of makes no sense). Still, everyone died—from the time of Adam to the time of Moses—even those who did not disobey an explicit commandment of God, as Adam did (duh, hence all the dying). Now Adam is a symbol, a representation of Christ, who was yet to come.  But there is a great difference between Adam’s sin and God’s gracious gift. For the sin of this one man, Adam, brought death to many. But even greater is God’s wonderful grace and his gift of forgiveness to many through this other man, Jesus Christ.  And the result of God’s gracious gift is very different from the result of that one man’s sin. For Adam’s sin led to condemnation, but God’s free gift leads to our being made right with God, even though we are guilty of many sins.  For the sin of this one man, Adam, caused death to rule over many. But even greater is God’s wonderful grace and his gift of righteousness, for all who receive it will live in triumph over sin and death through this one man, Jesus Christ. Yes, Adam’s one sin brings condemnation for everyone, but Christ’s one act of righteousness brings a right relationship with God and new life for everyone.  Because one person disobeyed God, many became sinners (try everyone but baby J, if I'm not mistaken all have fallen short). But because one other person obeyed God, many will be made righteous. God’s law was given so that all people could see how sinful they were. But as people sinned more and more, God’s wonderful grace became more abundant.  So just as sin ruled over all people and brought them to death, now God’s wonderful grace rules instead, giving us right standing with God and resulting in eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. (Romans 5:12-21 NLT)

...maybe there is reason the world is so balanced...matter can neither be created or destroyed,'s all con-fusi-fy-ing...but it...there has to be something out there...something.

I get to go to my gate in 20 minutes. Finally!

self reflection 11: if someone offered me a trip to USA right now, I'd be tempted! I love and miss my family and friends! Thankful for Christmas in Italy with the parentalz and some siblings! Plus my arms are tired...

self reflection 12: I'm not a child.

self reflection 13: the flight attendants on this flight could be, if I was a talent scout, Ryan air flight FR225 was where it was at! I have control over my diet, why can't I exercise and look stud-ly like them?

self reflection 14:  WOH! I leave for Dublin Airport at 3:25 a.m. YUCK! Have to make my flight to Geneva on time though! I love Ireland! The Irish have such an attitude, it is so 'feckin' great! They say that like we say freakin! Obviously these words allude to, um, a word i shan't be uttering, but this one is going to be all up in my lingo! This island is magical...the night I got in I settled my things and went and explored...Temple Bar, the most popular pub/bar like ever, the brazen head, the oldest pub in Ireland, and then I took to walking the medical district...I saw Christ's Church, St. Patricks Cathedral, Dublin Castle, many a monument, including Molly, Wilde, o' many...the government sector was pretty, but I only chilled there a bit, walked along the river, ate some snacks and took in the little things the city had to offer...Everyone is so nice!!! I couldn't find my bus, two older ladies helped me buy a ticket and directed me. Of course i got lost, so this Irish dude told me which one to get on. The bus driver told me where to get off, this pretty lady practically walked me to my hostel, the staff told me eVERYthINg I needed to know about navigation, they let me charge my iPod on there computer, asked me tons of questions about myself, the guys in my room were actually cool! they turned off the light when I was peeing, haha...but I just said if I missed in the direction of a stranger's toothbrush, it was not my fault. They wanted to 'go out', but I declined to see the city (and fruity drinks is all I can manage to attempt). The next day I took a magical tour of Dublin by bus, then did the surrounding Wicklow mountain was literally jaw-dropping gorgeous! the end!! OMGEE-SUS, can't wait to show pictures. met a cool family on the bus, the Sheehams i think..I even took some pictures of them and soon to be Facebook friends! we probably talked for an hour or so when the guide wasn't addressing us, it is SO nice to talk to people! went 2 days without it and it drives you mad! maybe it is a good thing I am a mass comm major! I need to go to sleep so I can wake up at 3:00!

self reflection 15: made it through customs with no problems, now I wait only 1.5 hours...MUCH more MANAGEABLE! But back to Dublin and surrounding country adventures! Seriously have so much fairy/leprechaun/gypsy lore knowledge, it's crazy! I got to see where Excalibur, leap year, gladiator, brave heart, and many more movies were filmed! plus I went down Collin Feral's street...I got sisters and friends who would trip out! It is so very cold here, so glad I brought gloves, a floppy hat, and my cheap scarf! #life-savers. Ate lunch at a green organic, home run, Irish shack. It even smelled like the earth...lovely thick, homemade brown bread with 'bootur' spread, lol, and 'car-ought saup'

Our tour guide was brill. There was this literally annoying odd Polish guy who kept interrupting and photo-bombing...with total strangers! #fecky The Second he got off the bus, Steve (guide) cracked gobs of jokes about this guy. #robfl (b=bus) During the trip, he kept saying to drink whiskey...Jameson i guess? I tried it, YUCK! Anyway, i laughed practically half the time and I'm sort of not easily amused. The Irish sense of humor is comparable to mine! Slightly bitter, mildly, i guess i should work on what makes me laugh. I like the Irish, like the sound of my voice So after exploring and adventuring, it was time to crash. I went to the pub closest to my hostel, found out it was one of the ones recommended by Steve. Basically, I went in and said 'i want an Irish-irish meal...go!' They brought me lamb stew and Guinness....then water, cuz that be nazzty...what a nice conclusion with some Irish music...(not my thing, these tunes...) but a good exp!

And BAM! Here I am! Off to catch the next flight now! Can't wait to see what happens next!

self reflection 16: wish I kept a book of all the Irish things I learned...I suppose google works, and when I get home I can spend a GOOD amount of time researching things I saw and experienced. That applies to all the places I have been, including Wales!

self reflection 17: I hate turbulence and unwanted dips. I literally am scarred at least 3 or 4 times per flight. Good thing I bought an Irish Worry Stone! I love the Irish...really love!

self reflection 18: chapped lips...bleeding lips...carmex is not helping, neither is Nivea or straight up hand lotion. Plus that tastes gross. Oh well.

self reflection 18: I can sleep on planes...NOT! if I do my ears will Rupture! I have to be proactive with my breathing-yawning-face contorting...just dosed off and paid the price. #sharp-pain Landing in 15 minutes! Yeah! #thekillers are always grand! #jennywasafriendofmine
When this plane turns I
freak out! Gum also helps with the ears!

self reflection 19: Money stinks. Geneva likes money. Haha. I can't get over how pricy EVERYTHING is! I guess it costs to remain neutral! Totally love the mountain views...literally breathtaking! I got lost but found some unique spots today via the confusing transport. Luckily I found this one French lady to sort of play monkey talk with me! Seriously the most languages I have ever heard in a day! This has to be the most diverse place ever!

Chocolate, knives, watches, oh my! Chocolate, knives, watches oh my!

Going to get some chocolate, but no knife or watch dear Switzerland.

It is SO dry. The snow is lovely, but my lips are gone.

'I left my lips out in the cold and they turned blu...' #veggietales

The lake was just perfect...and a lovely blue to a city! a very clean city! Didn't get a whole lot seen today, but between the Chinese, Australian, French, Polish, American, Spanish, ETC of people I have seen and heard, it was a success! Meeting a friend of a friend for lunch and exploration, going to see as much of my list as I can tomorrow during and after! I have a no McDonalds rule...the meat is just not going to come near me #decidedthispre-supersizeme BUT I DID have, had to get this, a TOBLERON McFlurry! YUM! #winning

self reflection 20: Laura was lovely. I went to the United Nations and saw the actual building as well as a protest near the broken chair monument! So crazy! Apparently they have been marching around for months! Don't know whyat exactly they are opposed to, but they-be-serious!

Anywho, grabbed lunch at Globus, a lovely department store where Laura treated me to a life altering poulet/spinach/pesto crepe...YUM! She is so grand! I honestly think the fact we knew quite a BUNCH of, well, semi-personal stuff about one another, we were able to have real conversations. Thanks Alli!
Einstein smart, an all around wonderful person! She along with her friends, toured Old Town! Love it! I got a picture of her drinking the 400 meter fountain...impressive photo illusion!

The city was snowy, but I feel Switzerland and snow go together so I am glad I got to experience it in that state! Tomorrow I want to see the flower clock and the jet one more time...the lake is simply gorgeous! No words describe it and photos just STINK! I really loved the view from the top of St. Pierre!

self reflection 21: I miss surfing!

self reflection 22: Hostels are full of interesting individuals. This chance is truthfully once in a life time. Thank you Thank you to everyone who allowed me to be here!

self reflection 23: Swiss chocolate is BETTER than you imagined it! PERFECT! If I wasn't confined to a back-pack, I'd be loading up! So expensive though! Though I must say Snickers is still the best chocolate ever... #justsayin

self reflection 24: Airports and I are starting to get along. I have managed to get my oversize bag on 3 flights...this flight is super full! I hope we get off the ground! The stewardess SMASHED my bag into the bin. Lol. Glad my camera is in between lots of clothes! I get it though, I don't know if I have ever been on an entirely full flight except for one time in Africa...where they asked if we would set small children in parents laps or share seats. Oh the different things I have seen in my day...haha, I sound old!

self reflection 25: lots of guys wear earrings over 'hear' (bad pun...)...not sure im glad this is back 'in'. Comfort is my 'in'. I wish the clothes one wears wasn't so tied up with proper business etiquette. I imagine a far different world... Speaking of a different world, i did some research during some
waiting, skip this unless you find it interesting! It is really really long, but the type of thing I think about is along these lines. It's like a million pages.


What absolute proof is there for the theory of evolution?

Religion, Spirituality & Evolution

Imagine God created a 30 year old tree right now in your front yard next to a truly 30 year old tree. A friend comes by and says "how old are these trees?". You say "One is 30 years old and the other is 2 minutes old". The friend realizes they are both the same size and appear the same age so cuts the trees down, he sees 30 rings in both and concludes that both trees are 30 years old because the tree grows a new ring every year. So who is right? Does one say that the tree counting method of determining tree ages is incorrect? No. Does one say that both trees are 30 years old? Yes - because God made a 30 year old tree. Can you convince the person that the tree is only 2 minutes old? Maybe. He has to have faith that the tree is only 2 minutes old yet at the same time he can know it is 30 yrs old and it is not a conflict because the tree can be both.
We are human beings and we see time in a linear way. We were given by God a certain set of physical rules of the universe in which we live. All of those rules have to apply to us both forwards and backwards in order for our world to make sense. If we were to cut down a tree that looks like a 30 yr old tree but find no rings, that would not make sense. We could no longer use that method to determine tree age and that would not allow us to do simple things like grow trees for houses since we would have no idea how long it takes certain trees to grow.
So it's no surprise that He gave us a backwards path that makes sense all the way back to some infinitely small point. That point being the big bang and that's where it all breaks down. At that point all things cease to make sense but it is far enough back to allow us to discover the laws of the universe as he decides we should discover them and apply them to our lives.
Evolution is just one of those things. It allows us to make sense of everything within the physical laws of the universe that He created. Without some kind of clear path backwards that can be applied going forward and tested and proven, we would not be able to discover diseases and correct them. We could not figure out why DDT no longer works on bedbugs. And perhaps worse of all, it would be glaringly obvious to everyone that there was a God and faith would no longer matter.
And evolution does not conflict with the bible. I don;t care if God made the world in 1 day or 6. The point is that if he put trees here, her also included rings in the trees. And if he put people here, he also included a NATURAL reverse path back to the beginning of time. This is so we can make sense of the world, and so people can choose faith.
So yes, Evolution is a fact. It is a process just like weather and the solar system. But it is much more than that. It is God's way of ensuring that people choose Him through faith and not by proof. The last thing that any Christian should want is proof of God or the destruction of evolution because proof of God would destroy faith and the entire purpose of being here in the first place.

<Another One>

Things evolve, there is no question about that. If you doubt it, go to a museum in Europe. Armour of the knights would not fit men of today. Recognize that many of the knights were considered to be the warriors of the time, and as such needed to be larger than the general population. Knights armour in Europe museums is generally designed for someone a little over 5 ft tall. Many of the larger, stronger men of today are over 6 ft.
That's an evolution within just a couple hundred years.
What about horses? Skeletons of ancient horses have been found that are little over 2 ft tall. We certainly wouldn't be able to ride those horses, but the horses have evolved because they needed to be large and strong enough to evade their predators. In the process of horses and other "prey" animals getting larger, predator animals have also evolved to be larger so that they can get a meal.
The existence of evolution is not in question. What is in question is whether it was the process that was used by God to create the species of the world.

<Again, Another>

From a Scientific viewpoint it's irrefutable. Just take a petri dish full of bacteria and subject them to just enough toxin to kill 99.999% of them then keep applying the toxin. Pretty soon you'll have a whole population of bacteria that can live in the toxin. You have selectively "Bred" toxin loving bacteria. These new Bacteria will differ from the population you started with (probably smaller and more robust).
Look at "purebreds" Like dogs and cats. These animals were artificially bred to "Selectively" "Bred in" or "Bred out" certain genetic traits. By doing this we are just exploiting the "Natural Selection" of the Evolutionary process, since in the wild, Nature (the forces of the surrounding environment) provide the "Breeding" of Natural Selection. You can see this quite clearly in natural species that get isolated. Isolated groups of animals will almost always develop differently than their none isolated counterparts. Look at any group of animals that get isolated on islands and you can see the differences from their mainland counterparts quite readily. Darwin observed this process in all it's glory on the Galapagos Islands. He saw it first hand and the rest is history. I think maybe you might not be asking the question you really want to ask, so let me see if maybe I can ask the question you really want to ask:
How robust is the Theory of Evolution? Kinda like, is Evolution as certain as death and taxes. I believe is the question you should be asking. So let's take a look at that question.
Let me start by referring readers to the Theory of Gravity as a comparative to the Theory of Evolution.
We know that Gravity is "Real", since if it were not, we would float off this little rock we call earth! But how about the Theory of Gravity? Well, when Sir Isaac Newton first described the Force of Gravity he wasn't sure why it was (Hypotheses non fingo) but he knew that it was. So it goes........ would you ask "Is there absolute proof for the Theory of Gravity?" If you think Gravity isn't real then jump off a tall building and see if you are right. If you jump off a building and it takes 4 seconds for you to hit the ground: v = gt = (10m/s/s)(4s) = 40 m/s d = ?gt2 = ?(10m/s/s)(4s)2 = 80m We can see from these formula that you will be traveling at 40 meters per second (approximately 90 mph) and would have traveled a distance of 80 meters or approximately 261 feet and would in all probability be dead :-( We know that every particle in the universe attracts every other particle with a force that is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them. These are known observable testable facts. But exactly what Gravity is is still a (Hypotheses non fingo)for all practical purposes. String Theory is getting close but still no cigar. The problem facing us is that we are 3 dimensional beings trying to get our heads around 11 or more dimensions. But make no mistake, Gravity is real as a heart attack! So it goes....... Evolution is real and it appears to be strongly related to our genetic code. We have a very good grasp of it's inner workings. So much so that we can now "Clone" our own life and maybe in the future "Make" our own life from the inert substances in the Universe. When we get a better grasp on the Theory of Gravity we will be able to utilize it as we utilize Electromagnetic and Thermonuclear energy developed using the Electromagnetic, Strong and Weak force Theories.


There are is no absolute proof of evolution. Three main points of conjecture:
1: evolution has never been witnessed.
2: We in science are constantly trying to prove the theory of evolution with the theory that life self generated is a pool of amino acids and proteins by complete far all experiments to attempt to manufacture a self replicating DNA based Molecule have come to no result. there is some evidence supporting RNA based molecules though. Also if successful this would pose an interesting paradox about creation..being we Science created a self replicating did not create itself as theory of evolution works.
3: Fossil record is incomplete, yes sure we share similar bone structures to other animals etc.. but there is no defined developmental line of slight mutation per generation to warrant it being evidence for the time being, but it is getting stronger.
Now I am not even saying Evolution is incorrect. I'm being very open minded.
In fact, I think if you were to ask Richard Dawkins (the prince of evolution) he would say similar and he has:
Dawkins stated that "evolution has been observed. It's just that it hasn't been observed while it's happening." He added that "it is rather like a detective coming on a murder after the scene... the detective hasn't actually seen the murder take place, of course. But what you do see is a massive clue ... Huge quantities of circumstantial evidence. It might as well be spelled out in words of English."
Circumstantial for the moment.
Remember I am answering the question at hand....."Absolute Proof?"
There is no absolute proof.
The theory has a lot evidence in its favour and is the leading idea behind the how did we get here? but it is not absolute.


There is no proof for the "theory" of evolution, however there is a substantial amount of proof against it. Now, the first law of thermal dynamics is, matter cannot be created nor destroyed. So, then how did the world get here? An argument that could be used to solve this conundrum, is that the universe began in the explosion of a dot, much smaller than the period on a page. Ok, well, first, look out at the world, there is A LOT of matter, everything that exists is composed of it. Another thing to keep in mind is
That matter can only be condensed to a maximum of 1% to that of its original size, So how could all the matter be condensed into one dot that small? Also, referring back to the first law, how did it get there in the first place? It's impossible. Now, if the universe did begin in a gigantic explosion, in which case all of the matter was in one dot, (that means no friction any place) and the dot exploded while spinning, then all of the matter coming off of the dot would be spinning in the same direction. This is due to a law in science called "The Conservation Of Angular Momentum." Using this piece of (provable, and observable) science, how can it be explained that 2 of the planets are spinning backwards?
Why are 6 of the moons spinning backwards? One more thing to think about is that the observable universe is 1 x 10 to the 28 power, inches in diameter, now the chances of a single DNA, springing up by chance, is 1 x 10 to the 119,000 power! Think about, is it wise to conclude that the world came about from the "bib bang?" In my Bible, in the first verse, it says, "In the beginning, God created the Heaven and the earth." Now, if this is true, then all of the problems are solved. God is the almighty with infinite wisdom, and power. He could do it, and that is the only Logical and Possible reason for the existence of the earth, and the universe.
Evolution is 100% untrue. Need proof? Watch the creation series by Kent Hovind and you will find God that created all things and that evolution is a lie.


The above attempt to use the Conservation of Angular Momentum and the 1st Law of Thermodynamics is unsound.

1. The First Law of Thermodynamics states that the total energy within a system is conserved. This may seem like semantics, but this is different than what was posted. Matter is not equivalent to energy. While matter can be made from energy, the definition of matter is: objects are composed of fermions. There are other things (e.g. bozons) that exist beyond the realm of matter.
The idea that all the energy in the universe could be focused into a point does not contradict the 1st Law. (This of course assumes that the universe is a closed system so that the 1st law can be applied). The Big Bang Theory does not claim that energy was created in the time line of the Big Bang. It does not violate the concept that energy is constant. The above argument that the Big Bang Theory is impossible because it contradicts the 1st Law of Thermodynamics makes no sense. Furthermore it has nothing to do with the Theory of Evolution.

2. Conservation of Angular Momentum again applies to a system - In a closed system angular momentum is constant. This is not equivalent to what was written ("all of the matter coming off of the dot would be spinning in the same direction"). Rather, Conservation of Angular Momentum says that the sum of all of the angular momentum in the universe (again the universe is a closed system) is a constant. Therefore, two planets could be spinning "backwards" compared to everything else. In fact everything could be spinning in all different directions so long as the angular momentum of the system remained constant. That is what Conservation of Angular Momentum means, not that everything within the system is to be spinning the same way. This too has nothing to do with Evolution.

Everything dealing with the the 1st Law of Thermodynamics and Conservation of Angular Momentum in the above post ought to be deleted as it mischaracterizes both concepts. Also it has nothing to do with Evolution. At least the 3rd paragraph is on topic.

The difference between "Evidence" and "Proof"

Evidence is something that adds weight to an argument or theory. Proof is absolutely undeniable.

Imagine a court case where a man has been wrongly accused of a crime. The prosecution may present evidence which supports their claim that the man is guilty. For example they may show CCTV footage that places him near the scene of the crime at the time it was committed. But does the fact that they have evidence supporting their claim make it correct? Of course not - the defendant will present their own evidence that supports their deference. In some court cases, the strongest evidence wins; in others there may be one particular piece of undeniable proof which wins the case one way or the other.

Is there evidence in support of evolution theory? Yes there is. But there is no proof.

For a theory to be scientific, it has to be put to the test. Checked against the evidence at hand. All evolutionary theories claim to be supported by evidence at hand, but all are forced to acknowledge there are massive gaps in this evidence. For example, the fossil record certainly does show evidence of creatures which display characteristics closer to another species than the one to which it belongs, but there is no evidence of the millions of transitional stages that are theorised to have occurred between species.

If evolution was argued in a court of law, the jury would certainly be urged to decide against it on grounds of "reasonable doubt".

The "Dover" trial of intelligent design is cited by some as a victory against intelligent design. However, what was placed on trial in this instance was not the credibility of intelligent design; rather the rights in school of Creationists which is a specific belief system. Creationists take the bible account of creation literally and deny some scientific facts such as the age of the earth and the universe. As such are often easy targets for those who ridicule intelligent design. In fact, most Christians understand that the Genesis account is not to be taken literally, at least in the English language, and are easily able to reconcile their belief that the account is true if not literal. Similarly, agnostic persons still consider the possibility of intelligent design.

Conflicts in Evolution theory

There is no single unified theory of evolution; rather some differing theories exist. However, they generally follow the principle founded by Darwin of "natural selection".
Interestingly, this principle was once called "survival of the fittest", but this implies that the strongest or fastest creatures always survive their peers. Modern evolution theory cannot sustain this idea and so "natural selection" better describes the proposed idea that creatures who were more "adaptable" survive.

I say this is "interesting" because it is also the theories which are more "adaptable" which have survived their peers. Whenever evidence comes along which disproves an evolution theory, it is simply adapted to fit the evidence. Now, you may say that this follows scientific method: modifying your theory to fit your results; but in many cases another sub-theory is quickly invented to brush evidence under the carpet.

Take for example creatures such as the Hummingbird Moth, or the Duck-Billed Platypus. These animals used to pose a huge problem to evolution theory, because they would seem to have developed characteristics from several unrelated species. But nowadays they are dismissed as examples of "convergent evolution". This is seen by many to be another unsustainable theory coming to the rescue of another.

Another recent discovery has led to the birth of another theory. The Bdelloid Rotifer has been found to have a very interesting defense mechanism which its relatives do not. Previously such a defense mechanism could only have been explained by evolution, but the rotifer is a parthenogenic organism which self reproduces without fertilization, therefore unable to adapt through "natural selection". Rather than re-think the entire theory of evolution, scientists who made the discovery said that the defense mechanism must have evolved "some other way".

There is absolutely no scientific proof or evidence that evolution is correct. However the current evidence points strongly to descent with modification.

Just look around you. If you go to the Galapagos Islands today, you would see that the sizes of the beaks on the Ground Finches change from year to year. How would creationists explain this? They wouldn't.

"Creationism" is a specific movement of Christianity which does take the Genesis account literally, denying actual scientific facts. This is not the stand of most Christians who accept that the "7 days" of Creation were not 24 hour days.
Also, variation in the beaks of Finches is not evolution - it is variation. All species vary, for example all varieties of dogs are related. However solid evidence shows that breeding in a particular direction creates genetic abnormalities, as shown in the fact that many dog breeds are now suffering from respiratory conditions, and so this normal "variation" is not capable of taking an animal in a particular direction that would mean its original form is lost. If evolution under these terms were true then some humans would start regressing back to apes like the finches beaks.

You see, in ground finches, a smaller beak is better for getting smaller seeds while a larger beak is better for bigger seeds. In numerous studies done with the Galapagos finches, it has been shown that in wetter seasons, the birds are more likely to have smaller beaks because plants produce more small seeds. In drier seasons, the birds have shown to have evolved larger beaks to crack the larger nuts.

Similarly some races of humans are shorter, or taller. However when they breed there are a variable number of directions that their offspring's genes can go in. Sometimes, the characteristics of neither parent are favoured and genetic throwbacks occur. This simple fact makes it impossible for a species to evolve into another species through breeding.

And being a theory means that it has been proven numerous times over periods of decades for many people. In fact, the theory of evolution is pretty close to becoming a natural law.

Being a theory means it has been tested against available evidence. However the available evidence is the fossil record which has enormous gaps. The evidence is therefore not reliable and the gaps allow for many other kinds of explanation for the relatively few pieces of 'evidence' on which evolution theories are based.

If you say that evolution has never been witnessed, than explain how a new strain of virus comes out every year. The virus adapts to its environment and changes so where the strains that can survive the vaccine live and pass on their immunity.

See above. Proof of adaption among species is abundant and is not dismissed by most thinking theists. However this is not the same as evolution. For a viral mutation to be proof of evolution the virus would have to evolve into something that is not a virus.

BTW, the duck billed platypus is a perfectly good example of evolution. It is a completely unique species because the niche in the environment that it needed to fill, which just happened to be unique. The flat tail is used for creating its nest and it is very efficient for swimming. The bill is very good at providing the platypuses natural food. In all likely hood, the platypus has been doing a very good job in its environment because they still exist.

No creature alive on this planet is an example of evolution. The evidence would be suitably weighty fossil evidence that showed the creatures gradual evolution. Of all creatures on the earth, no such evidence exists because of the "incomplete" fossil record.

If I'm right in judging this, the person right above me believes that everything was created by God, or a god. But if god created everything, than why did some of them go extinct? "Oh, that's blasphemy!" But its true? What if evolution happens because animals change automatically? DNA shows that 1 in a billion nucleotide pairs copied has a mistake. This leads to small changes in our genetic code. Creatures that experience a disadvantage from this may die or not be able to reproduce. Creatures that experience an advantage from this, such as a frog with a longer tongue, do better in their environment and pass on their genes.

Again, misrepresentation of religious beliefs by use of generalisations is not a very good argument in favour of evolution. The belief of most Christian denominations is that the world today is not as the creator intended, and that man is accountable for his actions. Therefore extinction of some species is as important an element of Christianity as it is evolution.

Definition of Evolution
There seems to be some confusion about what exactly evolution is. Now, when most people say 'evolution' they are referring to Macro-evolution (or speciation), which is the process of one animal slowly changing into another animal. People also tend to refer to Micro-evolution (or adaptation) when trying to prove Macro-evolution but they are two separate processes.
Macro-evolution requires the addition of new genetic material as well as mutations to genetic material in order to bring about enough change to be considered. To be clear, a genetic mutation is the removal of, or change to present genetic material.
Micro-evolution is essentially genetic variation in a species due to genetic mutation. No one argues against Micro-evolution because it is clearly evident. Look at all the different breeds of dogs (or finches) there are today. But there is a limit to how much information you can breed out of dog (or finch) DNA before the animal becomes so unhealthy that it is either unable to reproduce or cannot survive long enough to reproduce.
Macro-evolution, on the other hand, is a theory based on speculation that there is no intelligent designer that created the universe and life, therefore it must have arisen by natural causes. This theory postulates that natural adaptations seen in animals today can eventually lead to the establishment of new species of animals, if given enough time. There is no experiment using the scientific method that can be used to prove that the theory of evolution is correct. That is unless you conduct an experiment over millions of years, but it still would not prove that evolution had occurred in the past.
So the short answer is:
'There is abundant proof of Micro-evolution, but no proof of Macro-evolution.'


I realize that was quite the amount of text, but i find it hard to NOT read. And this is my blog. lol.

self reflection 26: I am the guy who always pays attention to the safety demonstration pre-flight! I could easily recite it, but I don't even care. It makes me feel better.

self reflection 27: sometimes I don't think planes are real...

self reflection 28: this guy 4 rows in front of me is in trouble. the asked for any medical people on board to offer assistance. it's odd how curious everyone gets, I half way-forgot I'm terrified of flying! Praying (confused currently, but not ashamed to do so) he is okay, there was some guy who is trying to help the flight attendants, I guess he has medical exp. One of the crew members, who discovered the situation, is struggling to keep her grin; I think when stuff actually does go rough (not talking spilled coffee here) this job is important and hard. Can you imagine how a panicked group of passengers could seriously cause problems!?! Honesty can't even go there thousands of feet in the air. Madrid soon. Then a short flight to Barcelona, then a short flight to Rome! Meet the family, explore Italy, until New Years Eve (on the ground), then London for a week, then U.S.A....long flight, but the last for at least a few months. Wait, that's two flights on the way home, lol.

This decent is scaring me, I'm guessing we got priority, so it's going a bit faster than normal. It is like, oh, turbulence plus rapid decent plus I'm a pansy equals NErVouS cAleB!

My goodness this is not normal, death grip on my seat! Turning HARD!

Ruling out professions that involve a full-time position on a boat, bus, plane, car...transportation isn't my thing! Destinations make it worth it, of course, but Dang Flabbit Jackson, I literally keep JUMPING. #embarrassedslightly yeah that was a Hannah Montana reference. What? I'm

Glad that's over! Once we were about to land-land, it was the smoothest landing possible...I wasn't aware the wheels touched the ground and it didn't make
that loud gGgggGGggGRrrrrRRRRrr sound. Well off to discover a new city!

self reflection 29: MADRID! How I enjoyed you! I literally ate my weight in Spanish food, truly magnificent! Tapas, pastries, desserts, delicacies, breadssszzz! Potato salmon pineapple strawberry chocolate much food. I also got to witness GOBS of passion from el Spanish peoples. Yelling, Kissing. Eating, it was all there! Got to see some masterful art at the Prado museum, saw the palace as well! it was all really magnificent, really! I loved the weather change, wore a t-shirt and light jacket as I explored. Made some friends at my Hostel, this Really nice lady guided me around for awhile...everyone was kind! I think that there was possibly an attempted pick pocketer, but I turned around and straight-up glared and re-zipped my back pack once I got off and into the airport. Vueling is an interesting airline, the only one to make me stuff, repeat, STUFF my bag into the size check thing. I don't know if i had to pay extra or not, but I'll survive if I do. It says hand luggage on my tag, and i think I would have paid at the desk if I had to have paid...I guess we will find out sooner than later!

The metro was easy to navigate and possibly the best one so far, or maybe I am just getting used to them! Anyways, they are all a little bit different and this one was retry straight forward.

Back to food...I can't even lie, a Spanish Omelet from Spain is unapproachable by any competitor. Found it odd the it was served at room temperature...regardless, it was delish! Had several at multiple restaurants, so it must be the norm!

Saw some Picasso, loved it. Hope to see his museum in Barcelona, my flight leaves in under 2 hours! I need to get moving once there because I am only there for the afternoon! I want to see that as well as the beach, the fairytale architecture, walk down the main street, and EAT! And EAT!

And THEN i get to go to RoME VeNICE PiSA & FlORENCE with the FaMILY! Can't wait, only this flight and one more!

self reflection 30: the price of airport food is always an unpleasant surprise. oh well, I'm hungry!

self reflection 31: I didn't pay anything I don't think, lol. Unless they charged it to the card without my knowledge. Victory! I snuck my back-pack across the skies of Europe!

self reflection 32: This was my locker number in Geneva, and a Dobbs family favorite number. IDK, but it is/was. 32.

self reflection 33: Love the landing, hate the landing part...make sense?

self reflection 34: this city wore me out. i love it so much, I think even more-better than, it was superior to, Madrid. actually, minus the airport, I know it was! though I must say both
were grand! This city won me over because the architecture of Gaudi was just enchanting to say the least. The view from 3 crosses? Epic-ly unmatched! Picasso!? Also masterful! The funniest thing ever occurred...all the museums he studied as an artist, I HAD BEEN to! Paris, Madrid, Barcelona...and his las menanos works...totally saw the painting they were inspired by THE DAY BEFORE in Madrid! I had no idea this was the case, I'm just beyond fortunate! Plus all the Tintoretto masterpieces i saw were the cherries on top! Spain had some serious art!

I really like this hostel, confused by the bedding though...I am not going to go to an ATM for 2 euros. I guess that means I'm sleeping in my clothes above the covers. #totiredtocare #andthisismewearetalkingabout

Ate my last Spanish dinner just now...amazing as always!  #stuffed

The family is probably on their way over big blue now! Excited! Agh!

self reflection 34: this hostels breakfast was pretty good, I missed the muffins though. Sleep
was worth it though! I am planning on checking out asap, just got to brush the teeth and pack the bag up. Sad to
leave Barcelona, but Italy and family = winning!

self reflection 35: if I have a child, probably not going to, if I adopt a child, more likely, I am going for Able & Emma & Livi for girls, and Killian & Laser for boys... #don'tjudge #random That's a lot of names...WAY more than I would actually have!

I just can't justify birthing children when there are so many out there...yeah it's hard, but I know that I could do adoption. I think I would do older kids...but then again, I couldn't name them...SHUCKS! #firstworldproblems

self reflection 36: Almost there! just waiting to get on the plane! It seems like even though trains seem longer, I still spend half a day at the airport. Still, it feels like it is faster traveling via the air! I was trying to make a list of everything I have seen so far in Europe during my break...and include some places I still get to see!

...and it is Impossible! I wish I had kept better track of it all!

(I end up getting tired and just put places...this list is LONG #blessed) (pardon all spelling...i am on my IPod)

Oxford- The Eagle and Child Pub, on the set of Harry Potter, including the great hall and the great staircase from the docks for first years, the Ashmoleon Museum, Bunting down the river like a POSH kid.
Paris- Arc de triumph, Eifel tower, the Louvre, trocadero, Notre dame (went to Mass), Versailles, Champs de Lisse, Sac Le Cur, the tularies.
London-Wicked, Chicago, Noises Off, Les Miserable, The Lion King, Billy Elliot, Buckingham Palace, London Eye, Big Ben, Globe, Tate Modern, London Bridge, Kings Cross, on the other set(s) of Harry Potter, including the Millineum Bridge and that disappearing station wall, Tower Bridge (WAY cooler than the London Bridge) and WAY more Jan 1-4!
Geneva- Jet d'teau, St. Pierres, Chocolate shops, The Alps Mont Blanc, the lake itself, Modern Art, UN, the chair monument.
Dublin- Brazen Head, Temple Bar, Dublin Castle, Wicklow Mountains, on the set off Leap Year/Braveheart/P.S. I Love You and more, St. Patricks and Christ's Church, fairytale lore locations, monestry.
Berlin during the festival of Lights and Sachenhousan Concentration camp
Swansea- Much Ado About Nothing, St. Paul's Swansea Uni Choral Concert, Swansea Uni Surf Society along with every beach and bay imaginable like caswell/langleth/ or rosilli, the Mumbles, Gower Peninsula, Brecon Beacons National Waterfall Park, winter wonderland.
...that is no where near a complete brain hurts! Maybe I'll come back and add more later...actually privacy won't, lol. CRaZyNEsS! This has been so EPIC! OMG!

self reflection 37: OMG, almost forgot to tell you guys about the dude who SNORED in Madrid. OMG. He needs to go to the doctor! Like NOW! It was a spastic surge sounding something sorta SCaRy!!! Never in my life! You think you understand? you DON'T!!! Everyone in the room woke up and stared...I had my iPod on full, to loud to sleep, with a pillow over my ears...AnD STill HEarD it!!!! I was getting emotional I was so upset by it. #begladyouweren'tthere

self reflection 38: Spanish water is not my favorite! It has an odd stillness and twang to it. I bought some headphones cuz mine broke...these are not the best...keeping the broken ones for my scrapbook. This thing is going to KIcK BuM once it gets all finished...just need to start first...after I get settled back into NSU, write that paper due in Jan for classics in cinema, and breath. Lol. It'll happen!

self reflection 39: want to hear my theory? I'm guessing if you have made it this far on my blog then you are obsessed with me, so OF COuRSe you do! Lol. I have had a female, between the age of 20-25 at every location show me around. No joke. None of them were planned or arranged in any kind if way. They just worked out! I'm Facebook friends now with some, have the email of one (Yasminabargallo@gmail)'s like I was supposed to be guided by each one. Angels, all of them, that's my theory! ;)

self reflection 40: just realized I was an a crowded happens
Been clearing my phone for Lucy to use, leaving a few contacts I have made for her. Found this info:

kh 431 mon 3
kh 152 tue 2
jc 208 fri 2-5


that email is of a family I photographed in Ireland. Random and nice to meet up with a kind family. Colorado is a lovely place, maybe soon I'll ski-into them! #nextvacationhintparentalz ;) #spoiledkid

the letters and numbers were my class schedule and location for one of my classes...luckily for me the Friday one was optional! #travelcatalyst

the last set of numbers was my sports ID number. Didn't really use that, but I had insurance for any surf related injuries! Me, a university athlete? How funny is that? Still can't get over being called 'the natural'. #joy

self reflection 41: I Love my Family! So great to be in Italy with them! Omg! currently I am watching them sleep on the's hilarious! I feel all silly wanting to laugh and cry and Whitney is resembling flounder from the little mermaid...tanner said he couldn't sleep, but he is OUT! Haha, Kendall fell asleep the moment she sat down, if not slightly before, mom stayed up for awhile an chatted, but she fell asleep a little bit after dad did...and Ashton is chilling in America with granny right now! Say ciao for me!

So far all the things about the food and garbage and money and recycling and bathrooms, lol, I have to explain to the fam. Like don't expect salty food or gobs of ketchup, that's not the EU way! So nice to have them here! Florence is stop WE come! #theonlyoneawake #happykid ;)

self reflection 42: Whitney brought me NERDS!!! So pleased! I brought them Swiss chocolate, good but tastes like chocolate, lol, I guess my palate is not that advanced when compared to good'ole bad-for-you American candy!

OmG haha, we just hit a bump and mon asked if we landed, literally LauGHIng out loud! Tanners forehead is red marked and oober said to mention in my blog that 6 hours out of 36 is not quite adequate sleep. True, but still ROFL worthy!

self reflection 43: What? The week is over? NO WAY! The family went home at 4:00am this morning...I didn't leave the hotel in Rome until 3:30pm! Now I am waiting to board my last flight to London...It is New Year's Eve, and I am about to be in LONDON! Feels unreal, but it is real!

This week was BOMB! In an that an allowed expression? #honestquestion

I can't even blog about everything, so I'll say one fond memory from each city!

1. Gelato in Florence...Dad and Mom paid, made it taste even better! So So Good! 'twas magical! It was perfect! I don't even like chocolate ice cream, but I liked this!

2. Being locked in the leaning tower of Pisa...some guy, poor dude, was trying to commit suicide on Christmas....but it was nice to be trapped in there with claustrophobic mother (and myself). We were fine and got a refund! He did not jump! It was crazy; no one will believe it!

3. Venice was just wonderful...the entire city was a photo-opportunity...but the best part may have been wondering in the palace and referring to a particular piece of art with an 'unnecessary nip-slip'...Only with family, lol.

4. Rome!!! Maybe it was when we realized that Chef boy-r-dee tastes better then anything this place has to offer. Lol. We are a simple family, who like simple things. We were all so tired by this point, but it was a great week for me. I got to relax and not think. #wonderful All the city was a history vault...everywhere you went there was some cathedral or ancient structure. Sistene chapel was guy did all that? DANG! Props Mich!

Can't wait to be home! One
week is definitely long enough in London. I am quite ready for
another adventure, but Heading home soon is Joy Joy Joy!

self reflection 44: dust before the broom, age before beauty, youth is wasted on the young, cvs are like resumes,watch rum diaries, worse thing is to be Irish!

julianne Ross from wadhurst was so very nice! we sat by each other on the flight and it went by very fast! the above bits of advice or expressions were all from our conversation...was very nice! Wish all flights were so pleasant!

self reflection 45: Lion King. Billy Elliot. Waiting for Les Mis right now! Best Thing Ever! Have to be involved in the art entertainment industry! Film theatre Something! Agh!

Just watched Noises Off and Chicago...Priceless! I was in both shows at the same time, so it was only fitting to see them on the same day.

Been all philosophical on Facebook lately. I refuse to be the same guy I was before I left. I am capable and interesting and excited about what's next.

as a man thinkith
Chris allen

Sent from my iPod

That was so I can hardely believe I am actually back.



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